November 2, 2012

Kell's Irish Pub

It's good to have friends of different nationalities, if for nothing but the food alone. I went out with one of my co-workers named Chase. Chase is Irish and so he did me the honors of introducing me to Kell's Irish Pub in downtown. I don't like alcohol all that much (I'm still getting accustomed to wine), and now I know that I certainly don't like beer! It tastes like punishment.

With that out of the way, I'm very pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Kell's. This place has a definite charm about it. It's cozy and welcoming and it hosts live musicians 7 days a week. I loved the musician, the music is somber but it makes sense because you're at a bar. You're probably in the dog house anyways. The food is also good. Chase ordered the Shepard's pie and I got the wings. There's great places for wings in our corky city, this bar houses good wings but I prefer Fire on the Mountain's Lime Cilantro to these.   Kell's is a such a guy's place. It's perfect for a cold beer and hot food. I recommend it.

Cost: I paid around $18 for wings, one beer, and dessert.

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub on UrbanspoonThanks Chase for introducing me to this great place! It'll be the go-to place after many failed relationships. I'm kidding mama. ;)

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