August 16, 2012

Oregon Zoo

During the second Tuesday of every month the Oregon Zoo has a little deal where admissions is only $4 per visitor. Due to their little higgle the place was crowded; the parking lot was full so we parked a mile away and walked in the 90+ degree heat to the 64-acre wonderland. Good idea? Probably not, but we made it back in one piece. The zoo is a fairly popular attraction here in Oregon, accumulating attendance exceeding 1.6 million in 2011.

History in a nutshell: the zoo was founded by Mr. Richard Knight in 1888 (woah, he could have collected dinosaurs!) via a letter to the mayor of Portland. Knight was in possession of two bears at the time. Being known for his ease of taking in exotic and foreign animals discarded by sailors resulted in him acquiring more animals than he who could handle. In his letter to the mayor, Knight gave the rights of his animals over to the city of Portland. The zoo was initially opened in Washington park, but relocated to its current location in 1950.

The zoo consists of 5 exhibit areas: Great Northwest, Fragile Forests, Asia, Pacific Shores and Africa.
And here are some statistics directly from the zoo's website:

Animals of the Oregon Zoo
1. 2,200 individual animals represent 260 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
2. 21 endangered species and 33 threatened species live at the zoo

But don't let the statistics bore you, the best part of our trip was when a goat tried to eat our cousin's shirt! Enjoy the pictures.

The zoo:

The picnic area:

The petting zoo:

The elephant museum:

The monkeys and apes:

The African exhibit: 

Thrill ride and train (admission for each is $5).

Bye zoo, see ya next time!

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