July 11, 2012

Official Volunteer!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you're all doing good and getting a chance to enjoy this awesome sunshine! I just wanted to let you know that yours truly is now an official volunteer at OHSU! I got my ID badge today and start training Saturday. I'll keep you guys posted :).

Objective: I'm in charge of taking pictures of kiddos in the oncology and NICU units (cancer and pre-mature babies). Basically I go around photographing the kiddos so they can take the pictures home to remember their visit. It's a great idea because it distracts the kids from all the serious stuff going on around them. These rooms are bombarded with floor to ceiling machinery. But I love these kids. Every single one of them. I mean that full heartedly and my personal objective is to remember all of the kiddos by name. This is going to be quite the experience.

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