June 25, 2012

Little Big Burger- Big Love

Little Big Burger
122 NW 10th Ave
(503) 274-9008
Daily: 11am-10pm

         The location is not hard to find- it's a block from Powell's bookstore. It gets busy around 3:30 and 6pm. This is a quick-bite type of place so no reservations are necessary. The place is casual, but then again this is Portland we're talking about, you could wear shorts and sandals to a five star and be warmly welcomed by a man with a 'stache. (Kinda kidding, kinda not.)

And if you're ever confused about the type of mustache being sported I'll help you out:
thank me later.

        The place is kiddo friendly and has really good lighting. An entire wall is covered in floor-to-ceiling windows so the place gets plenty of natural light in addition to the ceiling lights. The music is indy/small band style. The workers control it on an MP3 player- sometimes when the restaurant is dead they turn it up. However when the restaurant gets fuller the music is at a nice level, you don't have to yell to converse.

 The menu is simple, it's just a burger place. And I totally love the staff. I've been there plenty of times to get a variety of different workers and they seem to be consistent. I like the service here because they're not snobby, the workers are genuinely nice. Plus, I think the food is fairly priced.

It isn't a big restaurant, it has 6 actual tables and a counter space.

The menu is minimal, but not in a bad way. The place specializes in burgers- there is no need for clutter.

The burgers are affordable at $3.75. However, for adults with an appetite I would recommend at least two burgers. Also, the burgers come with onions and pickles unless told otherwise. Left burger: tillamook cheddar; right burger: goat cheese.

The aftermath (all burgers are cooked to medium, as noted on the menu):

And the fries are not to be missed! They run $2.75 and are made with truffle oil. They pair beautifully with the in-house catsup (not regular ketchup).

As far as drinks go, LBB offers water, soda, root beer floats, and a selection of beer.

The cost: for two burgers and one order of fries we paid $10.25

We were served by Beef. (Thanks Beef!) Excellent and quick service. Loved the place, loved the atmosphere. Oh! And we can't forget the fresh buns!

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