August 8, 2012

Nuvrei Patisserie

A while ago I read that Nuvrei had the best almond croissants in Portland so I became a blind devotee. Just recently I converted (you can check out my new favorite bakery here: Ken's). Regardless of my recent change of mind I still like Nuvrei. It's a very cute little cafe with very good treats. The Patisserie used to be so tiny that people would actually walk by without noticing it. But they recently expanded to the second floor and viola! They're getting the attention they deserve. The bright yellow chairs definitely help. Absolutely genius marketing strategy, if you ask me. 
The service is fast and great, you'll always be greeted with a smiling face. I think the prices are fair- for a cookie and croissant I paid $5.50. They've also started making sandwiches but I haven't tried those yet so I can't comment. 

Give this place a try, it's cute and it's local. What do you have to lose? Heck, you might even like it better than Ken's. To each their own and you'll never know unless you try it. 

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