July 10, 2012

Powell's Books

This place is massive! I don't know exactly what to tell you about it, I love killing time here; I like getting lost, finding new sections, new genres, talking to the people... You can do anything here. In essence it's a bookstore but it's unlike any other. Allow yourself a good 2 hours to explore the place. 

Some cool stuff about Powell's:
1. On average Powell's buys approximately 3000 used books a day.
2. Powell's tops "10 Best Bookstores in America" list. 
3. It's been said that Powell's is haunted by Walter Powell, the founder. He's been "seen" on various couches and chairs but since the removal of the seating the sightings have become less frequent. It's also been said that Mr. Powell's ashes are mixed into the cement. 

Here's some pictures: