July 2, 2012

Lovejoy Bakers

939 NW 10th Ave
(503) 208-3113
Daily: 6am - 6pm

I found this place by accident, it's in the Pearl District- the district that houses my favorite bakery, Nuvrei. Nuvrei just recently extended their business hours, they used to close around 3pm (I know, who does that?) Anyways, I found Lovejoy because of it and it was love at first sight. Kinda. I mean the bakery itself is definitely appealing but it's the aroma that reels you in. And you come gladly. 

Little fact: The co-owner of Lovejoy is also the owner of Pizzicato Pizza!

Okay, let's talk food! I'm going to start by stating the obvious: this is a bakery. Bakery = fresh and handmade breads, pastries and desserts. Yum! And believe me when I tell you that you can notice a difference in taste because the quality is better. They use local and seasonal veggies and fruits. And the food is prepared to be as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. 

Lovejoy features the artwork of local artists, up for grabs. 
This time around they were displaying Matt Warford's collection.

I ordered the Lovejoy Deluxe. My favorite! Man, oh man, I love this sandwich! It has bacon.... (I was about to stop right there, bacon, enough said). But, it has bacon, Blue d'Auvergne, tarragon, butter, frisee, and a fried egg. Simple. The simple beast. Can't say enough about it and I definitely recommend it. 

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