July 27, 2012

Kenny & Zuke's

I'm a big fan of testing out the best the city has to offer. I look forward to visiting places that are highly regarded and admired. I'm not very skeptical or doubtful when visiting such places because they must be pretty good to be given such high honors. 

Word on the street is that Kenny & Zuke's has the best Pastrami in town. 

I'm actually a little speechless thinking about how good the Pastrami sandwich tasted. It ran me $12 and I'd go back happily. In fact, before even fully finishing the first bite, I was already planning my next visit. Everything about the sandwich was so harmonious. The bread, the meat, the cheese, the salad. It came together flawlessly. I wasn't a big fan of the service- because I found the hostess to be kind of rude and stuck up; but I liked the server.

The word on the street is 100% true. Kenny & Zuke's can brag about having the best (the best!!) Pastrami Reuben in Portland. 

The good stuff:

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