August 10, 2012

Papa Haydn

If I could have a second home, this would be it. I would be fat. Fat and happy. This is my go-to place for some good cake. Sometimes it's my go-to place for a pity party too, but that's a different story. I digress. In my opinion, the cakes made here are par to in regards to American cakes. It's hard to compare cakes of different national origins because the textures, taste, variations of sweetness, and overall flavors vary immensely. But I think that Papa's has great tasting cakes, their Baccona Dolce seems to be very popular (but my personal favorite is the Triple Chocolate cake). When I hear "Triple Chocolate Cake" I come running!

I've never come here specifically for the food; I've eaten here on two separate occasions and both times I found the food to be just "alright." Nothing to write home about. But that's not always the case, I know people who swear by Papa's brunch menu. Even though I'm not too much a fan of the food, I love their happy hour. I love anyone's happy hour - I'm broke!

Here are the pictures from my last visit. Hope you enjoy them.

Outside Seating Area: they have a nice little garden you can look at and luscious grape vines growing above the tables. And at night-time they turn on the string lights. It's very romantic. 

Tabe setting:

The French Onion Soup:

The Chicken Pate Dish:

The drinks (we were sinners):

 The Good Stuff: Ladies, don't worry- calories don't count if you're only looking at the pictures.

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